LOUTRA IPATIS: The baths of Loutra Ipatis are today a small but compehensive town, a spa, not lacking anything and that ensures a comfortable and pleasant stay to its visitors.

The spa gives the impression rural regional area. The agricyltural and livestock occupations continue to flourish, especially in the villages and the surrounding villages. Most centrally, but it gives a completely diferent feel. Several modern houses with all ammenities, witch sytemetically rented rooms in bathers and holidaymakers with fitness guaranteed. Hotels by smalla but organized pensios, as modern buildings of alla categories now total several dozen. Three - four even survive the end of the last century and give participate in different color in the spa.
For movements of visitors can use taxi (graphic buggy no longer exists), and there are buses that connect the Baths High with Lamia, each about an hour.
In the center of the town one can find anything you might need in the grocery stores, restaurants, kiosks and every morning in the traditional street market where farmers and farmers bring fresh from their garden vegetables and fruits.
Several restaurants, taverns and grills, central and outlying and the neighboring villages. Not missing or dinner youthful hangout for restless youth. And any time of day in kafezacharoplasteia, under the trees and a flower-filled park stretching out in front, can a company pass unforgettable moments of sweet relaxation.
And anyone who has an appetite for long walks and excursions, here is indeed a very convenient location to move in different directions, especially to the mountain of Iti.
Quaint villages like very mountainous Neohori tallest Iti, and other neighboring villages, the famous Monastery of Agathon with its many attractions, the High and above the Iti, in areas which have been declared a National Park, with its towering trees and cold water, and with the amazing variety of landscapes. Within a short radius are and glorious places that have marked our history: Gorgopotamos, Alamana Thermopylae.
And then position the Baths High, like the cool and dry climate, abundant greenery in general tended environment, highlight the spa in one of the most beautiful of Greece. All this, combined with the spirit of hospitality of the inhabitants and with all other conditions, to offer today outraged by the noise and pollution of city dwellers comfortable and pleasant vacation you seek. But give and health, providing them at the same time and this precious gift of nature, which springs from the hot depths of the earth and provide relief and cure.

MONASTERY AGATHONOS: Limeri peaceful life and work of "Papa impatient" National Resistance, Abbot Germanos Dimakou


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